TTN Presentation

I recently did a small presentation on connecting an arduino to the things network (LoRaWAN). The slides can be found here. »

NRCq stiekem toch lezen.

Tsja, eigenlijk snap ik best dat kranten geld willen voor hun stukjes. Maar als je de tekst gewoon naar de client stuurt maar de scrolbalk vervolgens disabled, dan vraag je hier om. Onderstaand "script" kun je laden in greasemonkey. Weet »


This is mostly a symbolical post, but after the story of Edward Snowden , I wanted to do something. So here it is: I made a pgp key with the gnu privacy guard. gpg encryption is incorperated in most email clients, »

Elfstedentocht 2013

Gosh, this really is a dormant website. Guess I just keep it around for the yearly elfstedentocht live map. You should be able to follow me here: »

MD scripts and tools

When organising my files, i came across some scripts and a modified g_density for gromacs 4.07. I made them during my research project at the md group on the influence of certain substances on the membrane. Feel free »